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Tuesdays: 5:30 pm we have a group run at a trail in the area, usually within a 20 minute drive of downtown Prescott. A 4-6 mile no-drop run, which means we stop at every intersection and wait for everyone.

Wednesdays: 6am when it’s hot, 7am when it’s not, the Vert Club does laps on Thumb Butte

Thursdays: 5:30pm at La Planchada, Social Run run or walk your own pace and distance, grab some tacos and beverages after. We pause it during the winter, usually November-March.

Saturdays: 7:30am SATR PATR no-drop trail run, at various locations, usually around 8 miles.
7:30am Jan Alfano Trail Parkrun not a PATR event, but many of us attend or volunteer

Miscellaneous: Frequently members will plan runs or hikes inviting all comers.