from:   Monday - May 6, 2024 5:00AM
until:   Monday - May 6, 2024 8:00AM
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Cocodona250 - May 6-11, 2024 🏜️ The original epic of the Cocodona name starts at Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City and traverses a continuous 250 mile point-to-point route, ending in Flagstaff, Arizona. Arguably the most diverse 200+miler on the map. Be prepared for a life changing epic adventure. ⛰️ Sedona Canyons 125 - May 8-11, 2024 This 125-mile point-to-point adventure runs the back half of the full Cocodona course. You’ll start in Jerome, run through Sedona, and finish in Flagstaff, alongside runners competing in the 250-miler. Get the best sections of the full course with half the pain. 🌲 Elden Crest 38 - May 10-11, 2024 The last 38 miles of the full Cocodona course is a Tour-de-Flagstaff. Start at Fort Tuthill, run through beautiful Walnut Canyon, up-n-over Mt Elden, and finish in downtown Flagstaff.